Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Since being elected, I have continued to fight against the tax and spend policies that have become all too common in Connecticut. Over the past two years we have been successful at stopping the various toll proposals put forth by Governor Lamont and the Democrat majority, the mandatory regionalization of our schools, forcing our towns to take on teachers' pension costs - which would have lead to increased property taxes, a grocery tax, and many other increased taxes and fees. 

During this time, I've worked to co-sponsor and support initiatives to cap insulin prices and other life-saving medicine, expand workers compensation for first-responders, protect victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, provide coverage for addiction and mental health services, increase the penalties for dealing, selling, or distributing fetanyl, and provide tax breaks for our seniors.  

As the state's focus shifted to combatting the COVID-19 pandemic in mid-March, a virus that very few people had detailed knowledge about, much of the committee work and bill proposals I had been working on included; require a public hearing on the final budget bill, cap employee pensions, phase out the personal income tax on retirement income, and many others were put on hold. As the pandemic changed our daily lives, my focus also shifted to assisting many of you with unemployment related questions, providing insight into issues with your claims, reaching out to various state agencies for answers, and sharing programs and services to help your business and families. 

You have my promise that I will continue to support sound policies that promote and encourage transparency, economic growth, reduced taxes, less mandates on our businesses, and provide jobs that will offer financial stability to your families. I will continue to push back against proposals that stunt our economy, seek to take more of your hard earned money, make it more financially difficult to raise a family, start a new business, provide your children with an education, or retire. I love our state and will continue working hard to bring Connecticut back to a place we all remember. 




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