Protecting, Students, Teachers and Children

As a career educator, and the mother of two kids who attend our public schools and universities I am committed to protecting our schools, our students and teachers.

Over the past two years I have served as the Ranking Member of the legislature's Children's Committee, along with serving on the Higher Education and Employment, and Human Services Committees. I believe it’s the responsibility of the Education Committee to protect our students and teachers in the classroom and maintain the quality of our public education.

My focus is to also support legislation that gives our educational staff the tolls needed to ensure our students are receiving the best education possible and to promote a system that works for everyone involved. I will continue to work on behalf of our children, educators, adminsitrators, for the growth and protection of our schools.  


Dr. Judy Benson Clarke, “Robin is a huge supporter of public education. I have reached out to her for support with RHAM issues and she has been immediately and positively supportive. Public Education is at the core of our democracy and it is a place where politics have no business. Our children, our families, our property values and the economy of the United States of America depend on strong public education. Robin has earned our support because of her strong support of public education. There are few things that are more important to a thriving democracy. Thank you Robin for your work on our behalf and on behalf of strong local public schools. I am the Chairman of the RHAM Board of Education but writing as an individual, an American who believes in the power of public education and most importantly the mom of two girls.”


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