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State Representative Robin Green Receives Endorsement from Former Governor M. Jodi Rell

MARLBOROUGH – Earlier this week, State Representative Robin Green received the endorsement from former Connecticut governor M. Jodi Rell. 

“I can’t enough say what a tremendous honor it is to have received the support of one of the states most recognizable political figures,” Green said. “In her more than two decades of service to this state as a State Representative of the 107th District, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor, Governor Rell served the residents of this state with tremendous distinction and class.”  

In her letter of support, the former governor wrote: 

Please support my good friend Robin Green for reelection to the House of Representatives. I have known Robin since the day she took the oath office to serve the residents of Marlborough, Hebron, Bolton and Andover as their State Representative.

Robin’s commitment to her constituents has never wavered. She has and will continue to put your interests and those of everyone she represents first.

We are living in very challenging times right now.  Robin knows the hard work that needs to be done and rhetoric has no place in serving the public right now.

Robin has worked hard to get our economy working again.  She supported legislation for the coverage for police and firefighters for PTSD and has supported women’s issues on equality.

Worked to eliminate the grocery tax included within the biennium budget passed last year a 7.35% tax on many single serve items prepared and purchased at grocery stores. This would have included sandwiches; salads from salad bars; bagels, donuts, muffins, rolls, and pastries sold in quantities of five or fewer. Lastly, fought the fight against Tolls in Connecticut. I am proud of the work Robin has done for the 55th district.

Please join me in supporting Robin Green for reelection to the House of Representatives.

M. Jodi Rell, Governor of Connecticut (2004–2011), Lieutenant governor of Connecticut (1995–2004)



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